Day 27 – 28 of lockdown in Italy

Day 28 of lockdown in Italy: a busy Monday. I was at the computer before 9am and have just finished now and it's 10pm. Most of the day has been spent translating, preparing PowerPoint presentations and recording audio for the Science lessons I used to teach in person. 14 lessons later and we are done.

Miss S and I went out for a stroll as the sun was setting and returned home to have burgers. We've been watching 'The Gilmore Girls' on Netflix as a family (finding age appropriate viewing that doesn't put me to sleep is a challenge as I leave all the animation stuff for Gigi to enjojy with her). I never watched it the first time round but it's mostly fun to watch. Miss S is particularly interested in any storyline involving a boyfriend, or kissing or romance. Thank goodness she's locked inside the house. 😉

Gigi went to the supermarket today, doning a black bandana and a hoodie looking like he was ready to rob the place. He came home with groceries and gloves but we can't buy masks in town. The supermarket orders what it can but apparently the locals who line up to get in at 8am when they open are bulk buying gloves and masks leaving nothing for those that come later. Gigi, in a moment of pure genius, suggested that the supermarket owner impose a limit on certain products. Not sure that it's a suggestion that will be taken up because surely his only interest is to sell out every day.

Miss S designed a gorgeous Easter card for an art project and did an online Maths lesson with her teacher her in Italy. They got kicked out of the portal three times during the lesson and by the end of it she was a cranky mess. Tomorrow will involve focusing on some Australian schooling before those school portals close for upgrades over the Queensland school holidays.

Ryanair sent an email today confirming that our flights to Barcelona for my 50th birthday weekend have now been cancelled. We have been offered a full refund. That means we are definitely not going. We will reschedule for later in the year. I can't believe I'll be in Europe for my 50th and locked inside a two bedroom apartment with nowhere special to celebrate.

Maybe we can organise a big online party session.

Following yesterday's post Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now been moved into intensive care in a London hospital. I guess now we have to wait for Donald Trump to catch it.

The death rate jumped again but and infection rate in Italy continues to slowly drop. There have been, however, 87 doctors die from COVID-19 which is understandly causing 'agitation' in the medical community.

11 000 Italians were fined on Sunday for breaching lock down laws as people headed out to enjoy the sunny weather without a good enough reason. Two brothers were fined windsurfing off the island of Elba! Just wait until it really warms up....

There is an news article about the Italian government's advice re face masks today. Not that I expect it will change anyone's behavoiur but "the national government recommends following World Health Organisation guidelines on masks: only wear one if you know or suspect you have Covid-19, or are caring for someone who does" It is a requireemtn to wear face masks in public in Lombardy where the COVID-19 has been the most prevalent. Tuscany is consideirng introducing a similar law with three other regions, includng Campania where we live, possibly ruling that face masks must be worn in supermarkets. our local supermarket, and many others, have already imposed a mask requirement before entering. The problem is that they run out of them and you can't buy any in town.

The World Health Organization (WHO) voiced concern that the wearing of medical masks by the general public could exacerbate the shortage for health workers who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic."

A growing number of countries including Germany, India, US and China are banning the export of critical medical equipment and supplies. Protectionist wrestling begins now.

There are 1.2 million confirmed COVID19 cases in 183 countries and territories but it is the USA with over 337 000 cases and 10000 deaths that is soon going to be the world leader in the oly race they don't want to win.

Our friends in Israel are now facng Passover under lock down. Denmark is possibly reopening day care and early primary schools from 15 April. The Governor of New York has extended shut down until 19 April. Thailand has extended the ban on incoming flights until 18 April. Just like everywhere else this will be hurting a lot of people in Thailand who rely completly on the tourism industry for their livelihood. Austria and Germany are preparing to reopen businesses and shops with some restrictions and measures in place.

Japan is preparing to declare a state of emergency in some areas. USA has apparently lassoo-ed masks that were set for delivery to Canada and Poland. The US authorities are of course denying the claims.

I read the news and feel a pang of worry for all of our firends around the world. Some of them are living in countries that are preparing to lift restrictuions, and hopefully with good management and governance life will slowly return to some kind of normal. Others are in countries that are locking down and imposing stricter controls as the situation escalates. I worry about someone falling sick, ending up in hospital, losing their income, losing their sanity during lock down, falling victim to domestic violence or abuse, taking frustrations out on their children, suffering with anxiety or mental health issues.

With hundreds of beloved friends and family spread out across the globe it is inevitable that someone we know will experience some of the above.

In lighter news I'm off to convince my darling husband to watch the last instalment of the Twilight Saga seres with me once again as I reward myself for a productive day behind the keyboard.

Day 27 of lockdown on Italy: I’m working on a pile of science based lesson PowerPoint presentations with translation support from Gigi. It’s going to take up all of tomorrow to get it done on time.

Work pressure and deadlines are no longer familiar work constraints so it feels weird to be pushing to get it done.

Also knowing I won’t get paid until we come out of lockdown seems to reduce ones motivation levels. Although it does feel good to have something external and productive to focus on. Oooh the conflicted feelings.

My good intentions to take Miss S out for a walk disappeared under the flurry of work. It was 7:30 pm when we looked up and started to think about dinner.

I chatted with my parents today and the delightful Kirsty and her menagerie of energetic men. We have started to think about cancelling our flights and accommodation for my 50th birthday weekend later this month. But are currently stuck as we wait for either the Italian or Spanish government to officially extend lock down.

We all slept very late, emerging for breakfast at noon. Miss S has spent time tidying her room, finding new spots for her soft toys and putting up magazine clippings of kittens and puppies. It warms my heart when she potters and we can here her singing in her bedroom.

I’m not looking at the news today except for the headline about Boris J being admitted to hospital after 10 days of Coronavirus symptoms. I guess that herd immunity idea will sweep through the British parliament quick enough.

Happy Sunday.

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