Day 7 – 8 of lock down in Italy

Day 7 of lock down in Italy: Miss S has been focused on lessons for most of the day. But she also found time to be a teacher with her soft toys a lined up on the classroom.

The bad news is that my PC isn’t working. Hopefully it’s just a problem with the cable. We’ve ordered a new one on Amazon who are apparently still delivering. I hate it when technology fails.

Today has felt a bit harder. I threatened to go out for a walk but didn’t. I eyed off the blue sky and sunshine and wished we could bundle into the car and enjoy it. I’m feeling sad that Miss S is being kept inside.

I haven’t followed the news much today except to know that all ANZAC day services in Australia have been cancelled. These are the services held on 25 April to remember the fallen soldiers during WWI, and later conflicts. It’s a big deal to have them cancelled this far out from the day.

Instead of drowning in news I’ve distracted myself by washing curtains, cleaning out the buffet and folding laundry.

I keep thinking about the movie “About a Boy” where Hugh Grant’s character Will Freeman is wealthy enough to not have to work. He breaks his days down into 30 minutes episodes and that helps him get through the day. I’m feeling a bit like that today.

I’m feeling pretty pissed about my PC. I use it to prepare lessons, conduct lessons, do school work with Miss S, write, watch and learn. If it’s something other than the charging cable you’ll probably hear me scream all the way in Australia.

Funny how a piece of metal, plastic and whatever becomes such an important thing.

Tomorrow marks the start of our second week of lock down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Day 8 of lock down in Italy: Tuesday today and it was a perfect spring day that we couldn’t enjoy. I ventured out twice today. Once to buy vegetables and then just before lunch for fresh crusty bread. The sky was blue, the temperature perfect and there were more people out and about then I expected. Most of them were wearing masks or had winter scarves wrapped around their faces.

There was a queue outside the pharmacy. There were a few random men standing around on street corners. We’re not supposed to be outside unless it’s to buy groceries, medical or legitimate work reasons or to exercise or walk the dog.

The chief of the local police was standing outside the police station emphatically talking into his phone. The police station appeared to be completely closed with no police vehicles at the front. Perhaps they are all circulating the village.

The zero mile organic fruit and veg seller and his family where all at their little shop. They weren’t their usual cheerful selves. Trade is very slow and they must be financially feeling the strain. Like a lot of people in Italy, and elsewhere.

We are feeling the pinch. With the primary schools closed I’m without my regular second teaching job. That income paid for our groceries and fuel. Of course no one is buying fuel (prices dropped dramatically on the lead up to the lock down) but we still buy food.

Unlike other countries though, the supermarkets and grocery stores in Italy don’t have empty shelves. At least not where we live. I’m not entirely sure why people are panic buying in Australia and the UK. The run on toilet paper is completely mind boggling. I was more concerned with stocking the cupboard with pasta, tinned food and UHT milk.

Americans of course are panic buying guns. Cause there is nothing you need more when you’re locked in your house with your loved ones for an extended period of time than a gun. I wonder how they plan to use them during any quarantine measures imposed in USA. Shoot anyone who comes up the drive way?

The really good news is that the Italian government seem to be congratulating themselves on having discussions about what they might do to bolster the economy and support people during this period. Just discussions as far as I can tell. No decisions or legislation to date.

We also don’t have any idea how long this could go in for. Some reports say at least 9 weeks. Others say the peak may not hit Italy until late April. Others are reporting that a second wave may come through in November.

I video chatted with my darling cousin in USA today. Being able to reach out across the miles and connect is such a joy. I’ve also been texting with an ex who now lives in Canada. They are preparing and I’m hoping that Canadians will be infinitely wiser and better prepared.

My favourite piece of news is that my lap top is indeed cactus. Insert sarcastic tone here. The replacement charging cable arrived this morning. It didn’t help. The masked Amazon courier buzzed from downstairs and left it inside the door of the building without any need for the usual signature. He had scarpered by the time I got downstairs to collect it.

So my beloved is trawling through Amazon looking for a new device for me to buy at a time when I would really rather go shopping and buy just about anything else. Thank goodness I have a partner who doesn’t mind researching and evaluating technology. Because I loathe it and would probably just buy the first one that came up on the screen.

Europe has voted to close its external borders. Let’s just hope that the internal borders remain open for the transportation of goods. Although I’m pretty sure Italy could support itself with local fresh and tinned produce, pasta, bread and locally made cheeses for quite some time.

We are going to run out of vegan protein options soon. To restock Gigi Mirto will need to go out of our village to the nearest LIDL (ALDI). An idea that makes me slightly nervous at this time.

The police continue to issue fines and arrest people for not following the stay at home decree. Four men were fined for being at the barber’s when all hairdressing businesses were closed down a week ago. I guess some men just can’t do without their weekly trim, shave and gossip session!

Miss S is feeling the effects of not being outside. At 10pm she’s wide awake and complaining she isn’t sleepy. She decided to spend five minutes jumping up and down the stairs in the kitchen.

Tucked up in bed we devise a plan to implement movement breaks from tomorrow. She can come outside for a walk so long as we maintain 1 metre distance. We can dance, do some yoga, do squats and burpees. She can skip and ride her scooter down in the courtyard. And do a session in the garage gym.

I think a lot of kids are going to come out of this experience suffering some mental health effects and/or even more addicted to devices.

Miss S is reading the Italian comic books we borrowed from Annamaria on our last visit to see them. The first time she ‘read’ them it involved just the pictures. Now it includes the words! She keeps popping her head up and asking for a translation for a new word. Language acquisition one word at a time.

I cooked and cooked today. Vegetable soup with pesto, white beans and peal barley for lunch with crusty bread. A vegetarian lasagne and salad for dinner.

Tomorrow brings another day.

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