Days 33 – 34 of lockdown in Italy: Easter

Day 34 of lockdown in Italy: Easter Sunday involved only four things. Miss S woke me up by tapping on my hand repeatedly, until I realised it wasn't part of a dream. I often sleep with earplugs in to avoid the 4am snoring wake up call of the man slumbering beside me, so I never hear her come in. Not great if there's a fire or a baby crying but I figure slumbering man will wake in case of an emergency and carry me out.

Last night I snuck around planting clues and mini chocolate eggs having been inspired by recent Girl Guide newsletters and meetings which have all been suggesting treasure hunts. So I hand painted 16 paper Easter eggs to set up an Easter hunt for Miss S.

She spent a joyful 40 minutes following the treasure hunt clues around our apartment, only getting stuck on the clue 'Breakfast' when she needed prompting to actually look inside the cereal packet. She then spent 15 minutes searching for the 30 mini eggs I'd well hidden that I couldn't remember where they all were. But she stuck with it and eventually found them all.

We all spent hours video chatting with friends and family from different corners of the planet. I finally got some face time with that 3 week old baby girl in Denmark. Thank you to Pernille and Stefan for taking the time out to chat with us.

The only other thing that happened today was that Miss S and I have been binge watching episidoes of 'The Gilmore Girls' while Gigi has been translating some economics papers for a student. It's the first day we're we've really done absolutely nothing at all. Miss S loved it and is now curled up on the couch asleep after requesting special permission to sleep in the lounge room. Reason unknown.

Flashback to yesterday which was a little busier. We had a very successful baking session making hot cross buns. That's as traditional as we're getting this Easter. The hot cross buns are the most complicated baking I've ever done and they turned out pretty damn good. Of course Gigi and Miss S are voting for a repeat performance but this time with chocolate flavoured buns. We also made apple cake and watched most of the 'Wonder Woman' movie.

Miss S and I brazenly took a stroll down the main street yesterday afternoon, sans masks. We even ventured out of the historical centre, beyond where the police car road block is normally set up and circled the big oak tree in front of the permanently closed church. It's garden bed is a blaze with white and purple flowers and Miss S spent ages standing in the sunshine sticking her nose in them. Across the road is a restaurant and it has a gazebo at the front which is dripping with wonderful wisteria. Spring has definitely sprung, but because we are inside so much of the time we are totally missing these moments of beauty.

I've been doing heaps of mosaic journalling. I'm not exactly sure but I think it has something to do with the colours, being creative, producing an end result and distracting my brain.

I'm taking the weekend off from COVID-19 news.

Happy Easter and Happy Songkran to all of our Thai friends for tomorrow.

Day 33 of lockdown in Italy: Easter Saturday. Too late and too tired to post an update.


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