Days 37-38 of lockdown in Italy

Day 37 of lockdown in Italy: My mood has deteriorated. It is no doubt the dreaded hormones again combined with 37 days of being constantly indoors. The run in with the police chief also keeps playing over and over in my head and I've felt reluctant to go outside for the last two days.

Tomorrow I resolve to take Miss S for a walk in the morning.

I'm feeling so irritable and crabby that I resorted to cleaning to distract myself and stop from arguing with anyone who crosses my path. Floors, kitchen, making beds, general tidying. If only this apartment was bigger!

I've also just been told that my adult elementary class have to be tested on their English levels tomorrow during the last lesson so I've been preparing tests for them to take. I'm not sure what the point is except to compare them against each other. They have all participated and improved and surely a participation certificate is more appropriate. Of course their written test is next week. They will take it at home, with the availability of their books and the internet. In past experiences teaching and testing English, Italians are notorious for 'helping' and 'sharing' their answers. In Australia we call it cheating, but in Italy I'm probably just considered can see what sort of mood I'm in.

Gigi did a grocery shop and water bottle refill run today. I'm so glad that he volunteers to do these chores. Just the idea of it fills me with treditation at the moment. I'm really feeling quite miserable. The knot of growing impatience is winning.

578 deaths were reported in Italy today. The number of deaths has at least dropped from the 8-900's but it doesn't seem to be dropping below 500 anytime soon.

Italians are starting to joke about renting out their dogs to anyone who needs an alibi for legitimately being outside of their home. No doubt someone somewhere has already turned this idea into a business opportunity.

Global infections have surpassed 2 million, with more than 128 000 deaths.

In response to today's vibe I've put up a poster on the TV in the dining room that we never watch. The title is 'Life after Lockdown' and it's the plan for post COVID-19 confinement.

Here’s a photo (above) I took from our kitchen window this morning. And the other photo is how I’m feeling.

I hope I'm a nicer person tomorrow.

Day 38 of lockdown in Italy: Today was better. Miss S and I went out for a morning walk and then she finished off an English writing task. Her attention span lasted for more than an hour. Something of a record at the moment as she sometimes seems to be the Queen of Distractions.

For Miss S, English was followed by Australian Maths and an online lesson with her Italian teacher, the ever suffering Maestro Antonia. Gigi worked this morning and I worked this evening, delivering the last class for my adult elementary group. A sad ending after more than 6 months of English lessons with a Skype farewell and no opportunity to go out and celebrate over pizza.

I've just video chatted with the delightful Birgitte who is enjoying the relative freedom of living in a town in Denmark with parks, fjords, outdoor space and sensible precautions. A lifestyle to be envied right now.

And that's the wrap for Thursday.

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